Enterprise Level Information Technology Solutions

A great Information Technology solution should run in the background. We pride ourselves on working with you to create a fully integrated and seamless IT system that you can take for granted. Our highly experienced technicians spot and solve issues before they turn into problems — rendering your IT support virtually invisible. We developed our OnSite-OnCall subscription service to support businesses of all sizes that need reliable computer networks to stay connected to their employees and customers.

Here’s how Right Cliq’s OnSite–OnCall Can Help Your Business Grow

Have you ever had an IT tech show up to fix a problem, only to find that something else goes wrong right after they leave? Or perhaps you have an intermittent problem that never seems to show up when the tech is actually there? It’s frustrating from our perspective too, which is why we developed the OnSite-OnCall subscription program for our clients.

OnSite means your assigned IT tech shows up to your business on a regular basis and is ready to go to work. If there are issues, your tech is already on site and OnCall to take action. Service credits are used for OnCall incidents.

What does the IT tech do if there are no issues? Simple, they manage your IT infrastructure to ensure your business stays productive and connected to your customers. Being on site enables us to proactively monitor, diagnose and instantly respond to any and all IT issues. In addition, your assigned IT tech implements preventative solutions so the same issues don’t recur in the future and scales the solution across your IT environment.

Finally, there is no extra cost to you if they are not working on any issues while on-site. The OnSite hours are part of the subscription and the OnCall part is exactly that – they are on call while they are on-site.

  • Support Hours

    These are the number of hours that your dedicated tech is available to support your remotely, or onsite, depending on your plan.

  • Service Credits

    Every month you’ll accumulate service credits that can be applied to any IT issues that need resolved. If you don’t use them, you can bank them for up to a year.

  • Remote Log-in

    Access your computers remotely –anytime, anywhere. Pay once for each perpetual license and it’s yours forever.


Enterprise Upgrades

Network Upgrade Package

RightCliq’s Enterprise Hardware package offers affordable network protection and high performance businesses that need enterprise-level security over wired networks. The package includes new networking hardware, installation, configuration, and security provisions.

  • Protect your organization with highly effective intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content/URL filtering and application control with RightCliq’s certified enterprise grade networking routers.
  • Provide secure access to a wide range of mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Required by a wide range of organizations like retail, branch and/or satellite offices.
  • Provides mobile users with VPN remote access clients for Apple® iOS, Google® Android, Windows®, Mac OS® X, Kindle Fire and Linux, via your small-business firewall.
  • Delivers full-featured security that combines intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filtering and anti-spam services

WiFi Upgrade Package

Wireless networking capability that grows as your business expands driven by device proliferation that need to be connected anytime, and anywhere. RightCliq Certified Enterprise Wireless hardware package includes new managed wireless access point(s) hardware, installation, and configuration.

  • Scales wireless capacity as your business grows.
  • Enable wireless users to seamlessly roam while continuously connected to the network.
  • Separate guest and corporate access with multiple SSIDs, Guest Captive Portal, and standard configurations.
  • Centrally monitored and managed across single or multiple remote sites.